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    Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
    You can see if you map has a level script by going into Advance Map's Header tab and scrolling down to the section that says "Map Script" - There you should find a button that allows you to open a script (if you do in fact have a level script active on that map). Anyway, if you don't have a level script that is operating on the map, try creating another person on your map and transfer your movement script to them so that they take the place of the person even which is acting strangely. It won't be a perfect fix, but hopefully you'll be able to have your script play out the way you want.

    If this new person event also doesn't show up on the map where expected (and there wasn't any level script), then I'd suspect that there is something wrong with the ROM you are using.
    Thank you so much!!
    I did a little bit of everything you said and it fixed it as soon as I added a new person to the map. After the problem seemed to be resolved I gave a simple message script to the new person and let the original person (the one causing all the problems) have the movement script.
    Thank you for your time!!!!