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    I started playing the hack, and I fell in love with it!

    As for bugs, there are a few I've found:
    1: The computer in your room turns into a pinkish-red version of the original Fire Red computer after you use it.
    2: Whenever you enter a battle, as you and either the opponent or the wild pokemon appears, the battle screen has two black areas that only fade away when both battlers are visible. (Will add screenshot if needed)
    3: There is a trainer in Morwell who has an Aroma Lady's trainer sprite, but a Bug Catcher's OW sprite.
    4: Not sure if this is a glitch, but the statue in the first gym lists the gym leader as Brock.
    5: Occasional tile error. I rarely see this one, though.

    Seriously, I love this hack, and I definitely can't wait for the next beta. :D