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Okay, so here's an odd request for you guys. I'm looking for something that will let me edit the moves in a japanese romhack. There's no english patch, so playing through it is...interesting. I should be able to manage fine though, since its pretty much just the plot of fire red. The PROBLEM is that battles are a pain, because I don't know whats happening at all. I know what moves my pokemon have, because its pretty easy to figure out based on the type and power, but my opponents...not so much.

In THEORY, I should be able to edit the move names to english ones, but I don't have a tool that will work on a japanese rom. Everything I've tried so far doesn't play nice with it. Or, well, I'm ASSUMING its a language problem. It may very well not be, I've never done this before. @_@

EDIT: I tried one of the tools on an unpatched japanese rom, and same result. So I am assuming its not an issue with the patching.