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    Well, I'm new to the forum. Hopefully I can still join. XD

    How did you start playing Super Smash Bros?
    x I've been a fan since the original. I remember seeing Mario and Link on the cover and couldn't resist it. Lol.

    Any thoughts/opinions about it?
    x I'm obsessed with Brawl. Avid player since it came out.

    What strategies/characters do you use when playing?
    x I'm one of the few, the proud, the Ness players. I always play defensively in video games, and Ness is the single most defensive character in Brawl. PSI Magnet, ftw! Takes a lot of close watching, though, but it's not rare to get out of a fight without losing a life if you go about it right. PSI Fire has a lot of defense capabilities and is absolutely wonderful for setting up combos. Fire, then use Ness' overpowered grab or just keep spamming out more fires. Then there's Thunder. Inconvenient at times, yes, but it does such immense % damage to be able to control. Same goes for Flash (AKA PK FROSH!), although it's a bit more difficult to get in all stealthy like. I usually try to capture them trying to recover from edges with it.

    Which characters would you like to see in SSB4?
    x We need some Paula, Jeff, and Poo IMO (from Earthbound/MOTHER).

    What new series or new character from recent years would you like to see?
    x I would not like to see Marth. I know that. Too much Ness pwnage from his OP self.