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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Does anyone know how to RNG abuse wild Pokemon for HGSS? Because I'm in a mixed-up situation... Instead of getting what I wanted, I got a's because the Psyduck's female. So now, I have to get a Ditto. Well, if I'm going to be breeding a (Shiny) Flawless Pokemon, a Ditto can help! It can breed with any Pokemon! And also...does anyone think that most RNG abusers also RNG abuse their ID and SID?
Oh, and for the Ditto, here's the spreads I can use. I found these spreads by using PokeRNG:

Search for: HP: >= 31, Atk: >= 31, Def: >= 31, SpA: >= 31, SpD: >= 31, Spe: >= 31, Min. delay: 478, Max. delay: 638, Year: 2012, Encounter Slots (Method K): Land 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11 (without synch)
PID: E9375A48 (Calm, ability 0), IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31, seed: 5D000242, delay: 566 (year: 2012), method 1: 163, K (synch): 10, K (no synch): 48, HP: Dark 70
PID: 6937DA48 (Modest, ability 0), IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31, seed: DD000242, delay: 566 (year: 2012), method 1: 163, K (synch): 22, K (no synch): 40, HP: Dark 70
If you RNG in HGSS, you need to RNG when you are riding your bike. Do not let a pokemon following you when you RNG wild pokemon as it will mess up your frame. Also, when you use Sweet Scent, the frame advances about 1 to 3 depending on each game so you will have to hit your delay first, advances the frame, catch the pokemon and determine which frame you end up with.
For example, I ride my bike and go to area where I can catch a wild pokemon. I save the game and find the seed that I want to use. My target frame is 45. I hit my delay, advance the frame, catch the pokemon and I find out that my frame is 47 instead of 45. I know that my frame will advance 2 frames each time I use the sweet scent. I reset and do all the step again but this time I will advance 43 frames instead of 45 and bang, I get the pokemon I want.