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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Okay then. But do 5th Gen RNG abusers also RNG their ID and SID? If that's so, maybe I'll do the same with B2/W2. And still...can someone help me with my Ditto problem? Thanks!
Oh yeah, I'm also planning to RNG abuse the Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Deoxys. Can someone tell me how would you make RNG abusing a Wonder Card Pokemon work? (I'm a full novice on the whole IV RNG thing, I have only RNG abused for shininess and sometimes it won't work anyway)
Yes, 5th Gen abusers do but there is less need to because high IV shiny seeds are obtainable anyway. But if you were looking for a specific spread or wanted to RNG your starter then you would have to abuse your ID/SID.

My first Honey Tree abuse!

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