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    Chapter 6 – Dittos Fortune - Part 1 - Super Fudge!

    200 Kilometers from Fenton City, Border Line of Fenton and Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March 8th, 3535. 1200 Hours.

    Five helicopters, carrying Loyal Team, soared through between two mountains into a more 'hill-like' terrain, called Fenton region. It's main purpose were agriculture and farming use. The weather was cloudy. The hill sides were dotted with multiple windmills, several of them being destroyed. A few of the nearby villages are up in flames. In the distance was a satellite dish. The Fenton relay station.

    Poliwrath was on the leading helicopter. He looked over the side of the helicopter and down at the view. The villages looked empty. And he began to wonder about who was capable of doing this kind of damage. He pressed a button on his earpiece radio. And spoke into it.

    "Listen up, Loyal Team. We're looking at a downed relay station, ten clicks from Fenton outpost and two hundred from Fenton City. We're going to introduce ourselves to whoever took it out, and then Alakazam's going to get it back online."

    Then other members of Loyal also presses the radio earpiece to speak.

    "Just get me under the hood, Commander," said Alakazam.

    "Who would want to cut off a relay station so deep in ally controlled land? That's like signing a death sentence," asked Blissey

    "Maybe you'll the chance to ask them," growled Sceptile.

    They approached another mountain, and the helicopters maneuvered around it with ease. Toxicroak, who was holding a device that contains info with HQ. But the signal disappears as they went around the mountain. He taps the screen twice, just to check, and pressed his earpiece radio.

    "Hey big boss, we just lost our signal with HQ," said Toxicroak.

    "Backup channels?" asked Poliwrath.

    "Searching...nada. Can't say what's jamming us," growled Toxicroak.

    "You heard him everyone. Dead zone confirmed. Command will not be keeping us company on this trip."

    "Garchomp, lonely already," whined Garchomp.

    Suddenly, Sudowoodo's devise began to ring. Its red light was flashing. He pressed few buttons and located the source. Then pressed his earpiece radio.

    "Commander, I've located a distress beacon," Sudowoodo said.

    "Where's it located?" asked Poliwrath.

    "Fenton outpost," replied Sudowoodo, confirming Poliwrath's suspicions.

    "Alright, landing at the relay station is betting on getting shot down. Each helicopter will have to drop their load at each destaination. My team will check the outpost. Other teams will proceed toward the relay. Blissey, you will remain in your helicopter. If there's any trouble near us, ready to give us trouble, it's your decision if you should send Mawile to create a solution. Pidgeot, you're going to be our eyes in the sky. Engage hostile upon being engaged. Pilots stay airborne and offer teams' air support. We'll rally up there. You all got that?" finished Poliwrathwaiting for a reply.

    "Yes sir!" they all yelled.

    "Alright, lets do this Loyal Team!"

    The group of helicopters disperse in their different directions. Poliwrath's helicopter traveled west for a few minutes.


    The helicopter arrived at the outpost and began to circle around it. The outpost was surrounded by a mile of rice paddies in all direction. A thin layer of mist covered the area and air was wet.

    "Super six one. Land us on the top level of the rice paddies," ordered Poliwrath.

    "Copy that sir," the pilot replied.

    The helicopter lowered its altitude and hovered a few feet above the ground. The five argos jump out and landed on the rice paddies.

    "Super six one. Returning to circling position," said the pilot, taking the helicopter back into the sky.

    "Loyal Teams, do you hear me?" asked Poliwrath.

    "Loud and clear Commander," said Frosty.

    "Looks like local radio contact is not affected by the jamming," added Machamp.

    Poliwrath straped his shield tighter to his arm and looked around the paddies, he walked towards to edge of the path.

    "Alright Argos, go down this path towards the outpost. At a nice pace. Check your vectors carefully," said Poliwrath.

    "Yes sir," replied the four.

    The group walked down the path. Alakazam decided to walk along the rice paddy ponds and jumped on the other side of the edge and jumped down each level.

    "Now I'm the mood for rice," grumbled Pinsir, looking longingly at the rice.

    "No lie...I, as well, am now in the mood for rice," added Alakazam, finding it odd to agree with something Pinsir said.

    The five finally reached the bottom of the rice paddy hill. The building was in front of them was destroyed and they simply went around it. They entered the deserted outpost. There were two tents, a main building, and a garage. There was blood all on the cement ground and two destroyed military vehicles were scattered across the floor. Alakazam walked deeper into the outpost grounds. He finds a helmet near a puddle of blood. He crouches beside it and picks it up then examines it carefully. There was a medium size hole on the top of it and three small scratches indented on the left cheek. Then Poliwrath, and Pinsir approached Alakazam and the helmet. While Zangoose and Zoroark create space between them and the group, to take guard.

    "Looks like a meteor hit him in the head. I bet he died," said Pinsir simply.

    "No. Arrow piercing. This person got hit by an arrow. And it looks like it went deep. But where's this person's body?" asked Alakazam, looking around, "actually where is everybody from this outpost?"

    "Oh my god! Everybody turned invisible...I might be stepping on them!" yelled Pinsir, giving away their position to anyone who might be around. Everyone else rolled their eyes.

    "Only one way to find out. Pinsir, Zoroark, clear the garage. Alakazam, you check the tents, Zangoose you're with me and the outpost," ordered Poliwrath.

    The four nodded and went to their objectives.

    Zoroark and Pinsir entered the garage. Weapons drawn. Zoroark walked up a few flights of stairs to the second level. He searched around but finds only blood, scratched walls, the occasional arrow pieced into the walls, barrels and car parts. After finding nothing, he returned to the main floor.

    "No bodies. Just blood," said Zoroark.

    "I'm telling you. Their bodies' disappeared into the next dimension," said Pinsir, looking around at the floor.

    "Would you like to support your theory? Sir?" growled Zoroark, wordering how this idiot was still alive.

    "When all humans die, the force takes their bodies' to the spirit world. Then they are reincarnated into unicorns that poop twinkies!" said Pinsir, louder then Zoroark would have liked.

    "Right...and I'm getting married to super fudge..."

    "You are!" yelled Pinsir, making Zoroark flinch, "why didn't you tell me you're getting married to super fudge! When and where did you propose? Did super fudge say yes?"

    "Never mind," sighed Zoroark, pressing his earpiece radio. "Commander?"

    "Go ahead rookie," said Poliwrath.

    "We've cleared the garage. It appears to be empty."

    "Any signs of struggle?" asked Poliwrath.

    "Blood. A few arrows in the walls. Possible signs of a struggle. What did you find in the outpost and the tents?"

    "The outpost is destroyed from the inside. Looks like a small skirmish occurred here."

    "I've located the beacon," said Alakazam suddenly.

    "Can you make out the ID?" asked Poliwrath.

    "Negative...but it's military," replied Alakazam.

    "Loyal teams, update," ordered Poliwrath.

    "We only found civilian bodies, empty villages. And no hostiles. ETA for the relay thirty minutes tops," said Sceptile.

    "This is Infernape. Same response as Loyal two, sir."

    "Ditto?" asked Poliwrath, irritated by his lack of responce.

    "Heck na. This sh*t is like ghost town. We're heading for relay as it is. What did you find in the outpost?" asked Ditto.

    "It's one's here. Update me in the next ten to twenty minutes," said Poliwrath.

    "Yes sir!" said the three.

    As Zoroark ravaged through the garage a little bit more, he found something covered with a large blanket. He grabbed the blanket and pulled it. What was sitting on the cement was a vehicle.

    "Sir. Look what I found." said Zoroark.

    "Sweet! I'll drive," said Pinsir.

    "But sir…" tried Zoroark, but Pinsir interrupted him.

    "No! I shall drive!"

    He entered the drivers' side of the vehicle, and looked around, examining the anterior of the vehicle. Finally looking down at the shift.

    "Ahhh...yea...crap..." said Pinsir.

    "What you finally solved the problem?" growled Zoroark.

    "Yes. It's just I can't drive this car," replied Pinsir sadly.

    "I wonder why?" huffed Zoroark, sarcasm dripping off his voice.

    "This is a manual. I can only drive stick," Pinsir looked up at Zoroark with big sad eyes.

    Zoroark didn't know what to say to that. Pinsir had to be kidding, "Are you serious?" he asked.

    "Yes. But still, I'll just turn it on and see if this is operational."

    He looks around and tried to find the keys, but failed to find one. Zoroark in the other hand looks down and shakes his head. Feeling the need to end this sorry excuse for a life.

    "No keys. I'll just hot wire it then," said Pinsir.

    "He can hotwire a car but can't even see the most obvious problem," quietly mumbled Zoroark.

    Pinsir takes out his sword and ripped a piece of anterior off and hot wires the vehicle. The vehicle turned on and he revved the engine.

    "There it's on. But it's not going," said Pinsir, confusion in his voice.

    "No sh*t," sighed Zoroark.

    "Whatever lets just get out of here," said Pinsir, losing interest in the vehicle.


    Pinsir exits the car and walked out of the garage without looking back.

    Zoroark looked at the car. It had no wheels on it, it was up on bricks. He then turned around to follow Pinsir and sighed again.

    "What a dumbass…"

    They walked towards the outpost ground where the other three were waiting. Getting ready to leave.

    "Alright Loyals. There's nothing here. Let's move out."

    The group left the outpost grounds and walked down the path.


    The group soon see a village behind a few trees. There was smoke coming from it.

    "Commander, this is Pidgeot. I'm reading heat-sigs in the structure a head of you," said Pidgeot. Looking through his hi-tech goggles.

    Poliwrath presses his radio and speaks into it.

    "Copy that," he let go of the earpiece and speaks to the three around him. "The village ahead has heat-sigs in its buildings. Once we enter take it slow. Rookie take point," said Poliwrath.

    "Yes sir."

    The five were on the outskirts of the village. Then they hopped up onto a cat walk. They entered a house through a large hole in the side of the building. It looked empty. Nothing special. They soon exited out the other side, entering the town square. The village had eight buildings. One of them was on fire and minutes from collapsing. The group walked deeper into the village square. Really slowly and quiet. Ready for anything to attack.

    "This place looks like under my bed," commented Pinsir suddenly, the rest of the team ignored him.

    Suddenly, one door opens. And a man wielding a pitch fork started yelling and charged out towards Zoroark.

    "What!" yelled Poliwrath.

    "Engaging hostile!" yelled Zoroark, pleased to finally have some action.

    The two clash weapons for a few seconds. Until Poliwrath checked the man's clothes. He had a brown long sleeved shirt, olive green pants and a winter hat. He looked liked a plain villager.

    "No Rookie! Disengage!" yelled Poliwrath.

    He hears Poliwraths order and stopped fighting, but the villager didn't seem interested in doing the same. The villager took one more lunge of his fork but Zoroark simply moves to the side, grabs the fork, and ripped it out of the villagers hand. Ending the small fight.

    "You Trojans nearly wiped out my village!" yelled the villager, stepping back from the argos.

    "We're not Trojans, villager!" yelled Alakazam, trying to calm him.

    "Nor villagers!" yelled Pinsir, unhelpfully.

    "Prove it that you're no Trojans!" yelled the villager.

    "One, please stop yelling. And to answer your question. He would've killed you by now if we weren't friends. We are Argos, we are allies. We are here to help you. Now, can you please tell me what happened here?" asked Poliwrath.

    "Glad you came…they came from the trees and hills of this place. We never saw them coming," said the villager collapsing to the ground.

    "Neither did Rookie, when he got ambushed," whispered Pinsir to Alakazam. But Zoroark heard what he said and gave him an cunning, evil look.

    "They quickly took out the military outpost near us and attacked villages throughout the Fenton region. The remaining villagers are now under the village bunker," continued the villager.

    "Alright. Once we get the relay station up, I'll order in a helicopter that will pick you and the rest of the villagers up and bring you somewhere safe."

    "Loyal leader, be advised. I'm reading heat signatures in the fields directly east from your position. And they're coming in fast. Over!" yelled Pidgeot.

    "Copy that! Pinsir, get them back inside. Argos, defensive positions to the east." he replied.

    The group dashed towards the east gate. Poliwrath, Zangoose, and Zoroark climbed a ladder and hid on the top level of the wooden wall. As Alakazam and Pinsir hid on bottom. Pinsir took out both of his swords as Alakazam enlarged his spoons. They then hear people roaring and yelling. Zangoose drew three arrows and loaded them onto his bow and aimed at the grunts through a gap in the wall. Soon after, a hand full of rocket grunts storm through the gate and entered the village.

    "Now!" yelled Poliwrath jumping off the wall and landing on top of a few grunts.

    "Engaging!" yelled Alakazam clashing into the grunts.

    Pinsir stabs one grunt through the stomach and slashes another. "I'll make you all disappear!" he yelled.

    Zangoose released his arrows and took down multiple grunts and he continued to rain arrows upon them.

    Zoroark quickly turns into a rocket grunt, jumps off the wall. He lands on one grunt and cuts down another beside the other. The grunts quickly stop and stutters to continue the attack. Zoroark puts up his scimitar and points it at the group and transforms into normal self.

    "It's an Argo! Kill him!" yelled one of the grunts.

    The group charges towards him. Zoroark puts a smile on his face, spins his giant Scimitar above him and charges towards the grunts then swing his spears at the grunts slicing them all in half.


    Chapter 6 - Dittos Fortune - Part 2 – Throwing Bibarel
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