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    Awsome! Cause I want a Shiny Meowth anyway.... Although I might go for a different one [Maybe a Porygon...].

    I failed at the first challenge because I was attempting to do my first wild encounter, although I was doing this in the trophy garden [in Diamond] so I didn't have wandering NPC's to deal with. I'm a little confused about encounter slots, I looked at the list for Diamond on but can not find Porygon in the trophy garden. How do the special Pokemon that the butler stocks the garden with get listed when trying to calculate frames? I really wanted a Porygon [part of why I'm thinking the team rocket challenge may be a Porygon].

    I reset until Mr.Backlot said their was a porygon, then I walked into the garden and saved. I had a lead Pokemon at Level 18, and a pokemon with sweet scent. I also had repels so that I could walk in the grass to advance my frame. I ended up with an encounter slot with Roselia iinstead of my Porygon I had hoped for. [Did all my frame advances correctly, the nature/IV's and shiny that I was aiming for]. What do I do next time to ensure I get the species I am looking for? I understand that a given frame will always give the same species, I just need to know in the trophy garden who can I garentee this for next time?