Thread: FireRed hack: Cubone and the Power Crystal
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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Wow, great concept you made here!
I gotta agree that the concept of mini-hacks is something worth trying.
And by looking at the video, I really got the urge to play :D
Hopefully I'll be able to release a demo soon, though the first dungeon is taking a bit of time to chew through (lolol).

Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
The video is veeery nice :D

(Somewhat familiar to hack of my own where you also need to explore and find stuff like Keys to get through some parts of the game)

(Haha, it's not exactly an exclusive idea, it's been done in, like, every dungeon game ever XD)

Originally Posted by Potent View Post
Hey I was going to mention this earlier but by any chance do need (or want) A website developed for the MiniAdventures. I'm currently developing for two clients a yt channel with near 3000 subs and one with near 1000. I'm willing to take on a third client and I am wanting to do it for someone developing hacks this time round. Let me know if you are interested.
Thanks for the offer, if I do I'll keep you in mind. Though if it does come to it I'd be able to add it to my own website (been HTML'ing and CSS'ing for years now lol) but I'll keep the offer in mind. Though I'd reccommend leaving that stuff to VMs just in case Gira get's pissed 8D

I apologise for the slow pace I've been working at, all I've got to show is a quick screen from floor two of Dungeon 1 (btw, any suggestions for this name? the dungeon boss is related to rocks and stuff, and the dungeon's got an ancient contraption/indiana jones theme).


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