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Originally Posted by Kyrk View Post
While I do agree that there's no criteria for what's a pokemon or not, I think what he's trying to say is that some of the newer pokemon look like a copy-and-paste of older pokemon or from other cartoon shows, or are abnormally simplistic. While there were indeed pokemon in the older generations considered "bland" or "unoriginal" (Geodude is just a rock with arms and a face) it seems to be more noticeable this generation.

Lilipip/Herdier/Stoutland just look like ordinary dogs. I know they're normal types, and I like them, but still...
While Sawk and Throh are really cool with a really cool concept, I personally find it rather strange that they're naturally wearing full articles of clothing like gis. However, I would also find them strange without their gis...
Ducklett, again, is just a duck, only blue with cartoony eyes.
The Vanillite family, while cute and all, seems like it would be more comfortable in Fighting Foodons...

As I said before, there's no criteria for what's a pokemon is supposed to be, and there are bland or lame-looking pokemon in every generation, but the Unova pokemon, despite having many amazing-looking pokemon I love, also has those pokemon that stick out like a sore thumb.
Have they become more noticeable in general or have you grown up to become a more critical young adult instead of a less critical child? I think the latter is far more likely.

From the fighting belt on Machamp to the spoons every single Alakazam has to the commercial, obviously human-made magnets that Magnemite/ton are made out of to Hitmonchan's outfit and gloves to Jynx's dress, Pokemon has always had creatures with human items. Like I said before, you say they didn't 'stick out' to you, but that's not because it's less obvious. It's because you were younger when you were introduced to them, so you grew up not questioning their designs.

Here are some Gen I Pokemon that are merely an animal with 1-2 changed features, similar to Ducklett:



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