Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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    Originally Posted by Agastya View Post
    I guess while we're talking about it, Weather Ball's damage is minimal just like Hidden Power's. Probably a side effect of it being so small compared to the JP ones, none of the type-related checks are in it, just damage and type effectiveness.
    Cheers, I'll investigate it and see if this is still the case after I've applied my fix.

    Originally Posted by Agastya View Post
    Also, what does Sandstorm not increasing SDef until 4th gen have to do with anything? Isn't this a a thread for research into a hack emulating 4th gen mechanics in 3rd gen ROMs? The JP hacks posted by pokemon1412 (on this page, post #134) have those implemented along with offsets in JP ROMs about what does what. People with actual technical knowledge about what's going on in the ROMs could probably just look at those and reverse-engineer them.
    All I was saying is rather than being a bug, it was an oversight. We should still apply it, but it's not a bug. That was all I was getting at.
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