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Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
I click on this thread whenever I see a new post hoping that it's released or that there are more screenshots, graphics, or features to preview. You guys are making me go crazy! As it has been stated several times, this game looks great!
Originally Posted by Cabe View Post
lol i do the exact same thing! many other threads stay ignored, but when garnet has a new post my heart suddenly jumps from a cliff and i get to feel the vertigo. Most posts are questions about downloads though... but yeah, i'm specting a screenshot, video o theme as much as you do lol (as many others of course!)

P/d: you should upload some Pokemon Garnet wallpapers, it would make it a lot easier till the release
I'd link you guys, but I think it's against the rules, advertising and what not. But you guys should watch Garnet's Group and Hydra on dA. New updates every couple days. They've showed off the Pokedex system, the start screen... And lots of screens that aren't on this thread...

Garnet is an amazing game! It has much more media that you could imagine, and fans from everywhere on the web!
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