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"Otto" - Travelling from Florence, Italy to Boston, England

"The knowledge is in your blood, your lineage," she said, finding herself a little frustrated and impatient as the train moved along faster and faster, but keeping her face cool and emotionless. "It will be a simple process. It would take about three minutes for him to obtain this knowledge. And then, in return, he will supply you with his own knowledge." The Librarian himself, like she had said before, was a being of knowledge. One of the original Atlanteans, an immortal. She would not share that information just yet though, there was still more she had to get from this father and son and more she had to give.

"Stopping the train will be a simple task. My ability possess strength. But there are emergency stop buttons located all over the train. And it would be easy to lie to the driver. Or, if we would not like to stop the train, there are other methods. You just have to trust me," she said that honestly. Not many people did trust her. Her hair, her tattoos, her clothing. To everyone else, she felt like some kind of terrorist. What she needed now was for this father and son to look past that.

She stood up and held out her hands to the father and son, offering to help them up.

"I am Otto and I am Atlantean. And we want to help others who are Atlantean to understand their purpose."
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