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    If you were watching beginner showcase you probably noticed so called Pokemon Almandine. Well this is basicly the same game but with new name, new story, new tiles actually almost everything is new. Well and to Introduce myself. I'm Riansky a new (not so ) game developer who is making a game called Pokemon Delta/Zeta Version. Delta/Zeta was meant to be a rom hack but as I started learning it I saw hacking limitations and I've decided its maybe a time to try game development. So here I'm now presenting Pokemon Delta and Zeta Version


    The story in Pokemon Delta/Zeta is in the same timeline as events in Unova.

    Story starts with our Hero/Heroin and his/her friend playing in the room. They both just turned 17 and their can start their Pokemon adventure. Hero/Heroin's mom steps in to the room and tell our Heros that Professor Kauri called and she wants them to visit her Laboratory. Before they leave they suddenly hear a Tv reporter telling about evil team in Unova that wants to seperate Pokémon from people. Hero's mom then warns them about how another evil team can also be in Iluria.

    Hero/Heroin and his/her friend steps in to Professor Kauri's Laboratory and she welcomes them nicely. Professor Kauri is a pretty woman who investigates fossil pokemon. She is verry close to Hero/Heroin's mom and father.
    Professor Kauri tells our hero/heroin that they should wait for Rian. Rian is not really a friendly type of a guy and he is a rival of our hero/heroin. After Rian finally comes to the Laboratory, Professor Kauri let them choose one of the three pokemon. Since our Hero/Heroin's birthday was not so long ago he/she has a privilege to choose first. After they all choosed they own starter pokemon a professor's assistant Tai gives them Pokédex and 5 pokeballs. Tai also tells them that he meet some people not so long ago that said that they heared a cry of a legendary Pokemon at the top of the volcano. Scientist thought that legendary pokemon died houndreds of years ago but it looks like they were mistaken. Tai also tells them a little rumor and a legend of a so called extinct Pokemon. Professor Kauri also tells that police got few reports about electric pokemon being stoled but not much is know about that yet.

    So with the legend of a extinct Pokemon and most likely evil team who steals electric pokemon in our hero/heroin's head this is how their adventure starts. But as every jurney needs a path our Hero/heroin have their own path. They both want's to beat 8 gym leaders and end on the top list of Iluria's Pokemon League. But the adventure won't go as smoothly as expected there is more in Iluria then just a legend of extinct Pokemon and a evil team that steals electrict pokemon.. Be prepared!



    -Completly new region Iluria with many interesting places such as tropical forests, beautiful beaches, high mountains and much more
    -Graphical appealing
    -Story full of mysterys
    -Actual Pokemon league which is not like elite 4 there will be more then 18 trainers to beat before "elite 4"
    - and much more!


    Iluria is interesting region based on different parts of the world. The outline is based on the large part of Ecuador. Iluria has many interesting places such as tropical forests, high mountains and eaven volcano!

    Note: Adam's ows will be changed asap!


    - Tiles
    - Tiles

    - Tiles

    - Tiles
    - Tiles
    - Tiles
    - Tiles

    - Tiles
    - Tiles
    - Tiles
    xalien95 - Region map
    Poccil, Maruno - Pokemon Essentials

    Special Credits

    - Help on tiles, help with stuff I didn't know. Really awesome guy and a big inspiration for me!