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Blue Team: Johto Final Update

-Creamed Clair With Flair XD
-Beat Elite 4 #1 with a little shadow ballin'
-Beat Elite 4 #2 with some earth-quakin'
-Beat Elite 4 #3 With some supah surfin'
-Beat Elite 4 #4 with some help from the entire team
-Took Out Surge, quakin
-Fixed the bullet train like the good Samaritan i am
-Beat misty using dabawssspkmn's Zap cannon
-Sabrina went down pretty easy
-Same with Koga's Little Girl
-Brock was... lets just say I choose a water starter :D
-Erika was a pain in the ass (water starter )
-Blaine was easy (^)
-Blue was a little tougher but still, no sweat!
-Spent about a day grinding at Mt.Silver
-After about 10 tries, took Red down with DaBawsssPkMn's Thunder, to kill Blastoise and end my Johto Run.

Final Team
Spike The Feraligatr Lvl 55

Sparta The Heracross Lvl 59

DaBawsssPkMn The Lanturn Lvl 62

Jumpluff Lvl 46

Nidoline The Nidoqueen Lvl 55

Noctowl (HM Slave)

Now to Pokemon Emerald. I but you heard I liekz mudkipz.
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