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    Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin View Post
    A couple things:

    - I don't know if it's just me, but the text font is weird, like some letters are larger than others.
    - You should add the actual cries for 4th/5th generation Pokemon, It's weird hearing Snivy sound like a Bulbasaur.
    - Some sprites, like Spinarak, have weird positionings, like Spinarak's face is hiding under your Pokémon's HP bar.

    Other than that, this hack looks promising! Good luck!
    1. Thats how its meant to be, i changed the text boxes with a patch and the font was like that, to be honest i agree with you lol but i cant fix it unless i start fresh with a new clean rom.
    2. Yeah i havnt changed the cries or ow's yet, that will be in the next beta.
    3. Yeah i noticed that, also will be fixed in the next beta.

    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated
    Pokémon Ice Version

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