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    Originally Posted by IAshKetchum View Post
    b&w pokemon suck, they look like cheap rip off's of digimon..


    I am inclined to disagree.

    All Pokemon gens have strange Pokemon that may or may not look like they belong. I for one do not feel there should ever be a label placed on what a Pokemon can or cannot look like. A Pokemon is a Pokemon. It doesn't have a description to what it is supposed to look like... i-it is just that.

    I find this opinion to be very strange. I personally think if our Gen 1 was filled with Gen 5 Pokemon we would love them as we do Gen 1 now, and cherish them no matter how they look... but if our Gen 5 had all Gen 1 Pokemon, "Oh this Pokemon looks like a Digimon", "This isn't a Pokemon, it's a red and white ball!", "How creative, a pink flying cat that can use all the Pokemon moves. PFF." etc etc...

    T-that's just my two cents, anyways...
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