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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

Have they become more noticeable in general or have you grown up to become a more critical young adult instead of a less critical child? I think the latter is far more likely.
...Amen. O.o

Originally Posted by Victini View Post

I am inclined to disagree.

All Pokemon gens have strange Pokemon that may or may not look like they belong. I for one do not feel there should ever be a label placed on what a Pokemon can or cannot look like. A Pokemon is a Pokemon. It doesn't have a description to what it is supposed to look like... i-it is just that.

I find this opinion to be very strange. I personally think if our Gen 1 was filled with Gen 5 Pokemon we would love them as we do Gen 1 now, and cherish them no matter how they look... but if our Gen 5 had all Gen 1 Pokemon, "Oh this Pokemon looks like a Digimon", "This isn't a Pokemon, it's a red and white ball!", "How creative, a pink flying cat that can use all the Pokemon moves. PFF." etc etc...
Very good point.

And Digimon are "digital monsters"... aren't Pokémon digital monsters as well? The only reason Digimon have their distinct style is because of the artist(s). If a Digimon was drawn by an artist of the Pokémon series, it would probably blend in perfectly.

No matter what, there will always be people who will complain. Game Freak went for a unique style, but in my opinion, stayed remarkably true to the classic 'Pokémon' flavour, probably closest to Generation II. If they chose to take inspiration from Generation I's extremely simple style, there would be more people complaining about how plain and bland the Pokémon are.

I especially liked how Game Freak chose to not give a hint if there was a shortage of concepts (although for some reason people tend to think that >_>). We were given another duck, another cat, another dog; but optimistically, there are tons of things you can do with just the concept of one animal... then there's even more creativity involved when it comes to evolution (especially branch evolution), like adding a new type, or regional mythology.
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