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Originally Posted by Pinotti View Post
I think I found a bug in the Safari Zone.
If you are in Safari Zone, and give a "retire", but not walking, just look left, right, front and behind you. You will not be leaving, and shall go Pokemon continue to "battle" with you, but now, with a difference, you will be able to use your Pokemon to fight with them. you can weaken them and you will use your own Poké Ball to capture them. You will catch anyone.
I think it's a bug, or not?!
Well this is bug... not important if I may say
It does not actually matter if you catch Safari Pokémon with your own or by using Safari Balls.
If you can leave Safari, it's not serious bug

Originally Posted by MajinSageofDarkness View Post
I appreciate that if you have not seen it you cannot help, I was just wondering if you had any idea at all what it might be, I really want to finish this awesome game and any thing you could suggest might help.
Do you happen to have any knowledge with using A-Map?
You may try to edit the warp to the care center since I presume that is the cause of mentioned bug.
Or you may make an event that warps your there directly instead of using probably bugged warp.
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