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(A little something I cooked up. Don't know if 400 words is a chapter, but it's only for one quick interlude.)

The Ballad of Greg Thomas: Interlude: Article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Strange Rock Possibly Connected with Local Disappearance
Friday, March 09, 2012
By Calvin Morely, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Police believe that the sudden appearance of a strange boulder on a Mount Washington road may be related to the equally abrupt disappearance of a local.
The rock appeared without warning on Arlington Ave. at sometime around 7:14 PM Thursday. Several residents have reported hearing a constant car horn that stopped suddenly, along with tire squeals at that time.
"As anyone can see, where the boulder appeared, there's also tire marks along with transmission fluid, possibly from a leak. They end with no sign of the car slowing down just a few yards from the boulder." reported Detective Eugene Fields of the Pittsburgh Police Department. The rock has gone to the University of Pittsburgh for further study.
Upon further investigation, it was found that Greg Thomas, 32, was traveling down the same road at that exact time. According to sources, he was running an errand for Ray Allison, 34, a friend.
"I wanted Greg to go fetch a toolbox I left at my job. When he didn't come to my house after a while, I got worried. I called his wife, and she said she hadn't seen Greg either. I waited a few hours, and when my phone said it couldn't get a connection with Greg, I called the police." Ray replied.
"When I heard the sounds at first I thought 'That guy shouldn't be on the road', but when they stopped without the car crashing, I started to think that something was up. Now that I know about what's going on, I can only hope he's OK." said Carla Jones, who lives close to where the boulder appeared. She had also reported seeing a bright purple light where the incident happened.
Greg Thomas was also not seen at his job at Maxi-Tech, a local corporation.
"It's not like Greg to show up late. He's been working here for 5 years and I can count the number of times he's been late on two hands." said his boss Joseph Booth.
His wife, Kimberly Thomas, 30, and daughter Jessie Thomas, 12, are hoping for Greg's quick return.
"Jessie has been worried sick about her father ever since she got the news. So am I, even though our relationship has been strained these past few months." Kimberly answered when asked for a response.
Detective Fields provided further comment. "This is an extremely unusual disappearance. We are doing all we can to look into it."
A statewide MEPAS Alert has been issued for Greg Thomas. If anyone has seen a 6' 4'' Caucasian male with black hair and brown eyes wearing a black lounge suit and gold dress shirt, or his car, a green Ford Crown Victoria, license plate AFX-4958, they are urged to contact the authorities immediately.
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