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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post

Which Legendary Pokemon disappoints you in terms of:
1) Design

2) Storyline
3) Power/Strength

1) Honestly, I don't like the design of almost very gen 4 and gen 5 legendaries... But, I particularly hate Heatran's. Seriously... What were they thinking of while drawing it? It's ugly, too much ugly. So ugly that it becomes funny. It's very odd, I can't believe that it is a legendary Pokémon, master of volcanoes.

2) Reshiram and Zekrom. Ok, I know that theoretically, Thornadus and other's is very worse than their, but being the two main legendary pokémon of a version involve an interesting storyline ! I hope that in the new versions they'll catch up about that, because for the moment I don't even understand what are their role as legendaries...

3) Like everyone, Phione. It's cute, but so weak that it shouldn't exist. I'm sorry for it but, it's just useless...