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Originally Posted by View Post
prof. oak told me to go to route 1 n he will arrange the transportation to go to orange island.. but when i go there.. there is nothing..

p.s. i defeated those spearow gang..
You're at the end of the beta. You have to wait for the next release.

Originally Posted by Pinotti View Post
A few questions.
- Is it true, that Charmeleon and Charizard doesn't obey you?

- I want a Grolite or Vulpix, where i can capture they?
I don't know if I actually put a place for them yet ...

- I need the move Rock smash, to destroy a rock on fuschia. Where can i find this move? I read that, exist a pick to destroy rock instead rock smash? Where can i find it?
You get it a bit after you get the sixth badge from Koga, after you leave Fuchsia City, during the Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon event.
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