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    Originally Posted by Charicific View Post
    Holy Chizz! Whats the 400mb for! :D
    That's it! The more the better, DOWNLOADING! :) (1:30 hours left <___< )

    EDIT: Alright I just downloaded the game and started playing. Everything is great previous posters claimed, THERE IS TOTALLY NO SOUNDS!

    I also tried reinstalling the game and when I did, I can no longer play it. I get errors when the game start and then ends up with a Runtime Error shutting the whole program :(
    Any idea?
    The sound problem will be fixed in the next release, I probably messed up with the encryption.

    Originally Posted by Zeryn View Post
    I really don't care about the sound, I can deal without it..... I'm more concerd about saveing the game.

    Btw, that new map looks sick!! Keep up the great work bro :D
    Can you try out other games in the showcase section and check if you can save? I don't know whether your problem only occurs with my game or if it occurs when playing others too.

    Oh, and does anyone have a good idea for a Mystery Gift? You may request a gift by posting in this topic. The winning gift will be revealed sunday.