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    黒心 キバ


    Kurokokoro, Kiba (Last, First)
    (Pronounced Koo-loh koh-koh-loh, kee-ba. The L's sound like rolling R's.)

    Kiba (Plain Name)
    Kiba-san (Polite)
    Kiba-kun (Only friends call him this)
    Fang (Literal English Translation)

    17 (Though he looks and acts like he could be 20)


    Kiba has jet black hair, medium-long, and parts it over the right half of his face. The back of his hair has a white strap, leaving a ponytail that goes down to about his mid-back area. He usually wears formal Kimono, or Yukata in the summer. For footwear, he almost always wears wooden geta. His left eye is deep emerald green, while his right eye is a pale ice-blue. His heterochromic eyes are one of his most outstanding features, and he enjoys the individuality.

    Pokemon Team:
    Species: Arcanine
    Name: Flare
    Gender: Male
    Experience: Highly Experienced (Flare was Kiba's first friend)
    Personality: Calm, powerful, and friendly, much like Kiba himself.

    Species: Melloetta
    Name: Mello
    Gender: Female
    Experience: Moderate (Kiba's second friend)
    Personality: Gentle, loving, with a mild temper toward pokemon that hit on her.

    Species: ??? (Egg)
    Name: ???
    Gender: ???
    Experience: None (Has not hatched, and is not very close)
    Personality: ???

    Kiba tends not to talk much about his past. In fact, he isn't very conversational at all; unless he is spoken to. He almost never starts a conversation unless very important, but he does enjoy when people try to speak with him. He is very close to pokemon, and can understand them (Not literally, but he can understand their body language and facial expressions). He can also do this with people, thought he doesn't often feel a need to. He never uses pokeballs (he instead tries to befriend wild pokemon if he wants them as an ally) and his pokemon follow him anywhere. He is calm and collected, but some subjects will set off a temper. In addition to that, he can hold a grudge with someone for longer than most people. Though he tries to be kind, he follows a simple rule: "Do unto others as you would want done unto yourself". He treats most how they treat him. He is a mysterious loner of sorts, and it is rumored that he has some... Abilities.