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    Well, I definitely see where the OP is coming from, in the sense that some of the Pokemon were a little ... different, but I think different is okay.

    And to be honest, I always look at Pokemon as the "Pocket Monsters" they were always referred to as. If, in the Pokemon world, my t.v. jumped up, sprouted wings, had eyes, and shot fire from it's two slits that it calls nostrils, I'd still say "That's a Poke! Now I'mma catch it!" because it's a monster ... that I can fit in my pocket.

    If it's a bunch of gears, a pile of garbage, or a flaming pile of poop, if it can be caught in a ball, it is a Pokemon, mainly because in ANY society, that is a "monster". Trainers just deal with their monsters in a slightly more peaceful fashion. (fainting and catching instead of hunting down and murdering all of its kind)

    Just my opinion, though. c:

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