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Originally Posted by Cabe View Post
I agree with this a lot. I've played the game and found it really pointless so far. It has no backstory nor anthing but tall grass and monsters. It's like you copied pokemon games structure and concept and started creating lots of "monsters", constantly updating more and more. You know, that doesn't make this game original AT ALL. I mean, c'mon! your pokeball replacement is an hexagonal and incredibly ugly "monster box"??? you could have put some thought on it. If you wanted to change de monster storing device you could have created something never seen before. I ended up really disliking this project. This is plagiarism and i can not believe you got copyrights.

Anyway, don't get me wrong. I really encourage new ideas and creativity, but this is insulting. I mean, you took pokemon, pokeballs, trainers, gym leaders, pokemon elemental types (having added light tipe is still nothing original), TM's, HM's, three-evolutionary-states-top, EVERYTHING! But you're trying to show this as something new. Your complex design of monsters really cuts off the pokemon style but your overworld is exactly the same so... how come this is something different from pokemon games? How come you got copyrights? I mean, this is not a "pokemon style monster mmorpg", this is just another pokemon game with everything renamed and slightly reshaped. Oh! wait... TM's keep the exact same name... another point to "this is plagiarism". And the worse of all, i really smell that when this is done, there'll be premium accounts and only-obtainable-by-cash stuff.

if this was a hack or a fangame i'd be cool with it... it just annoys me that this is pretended to be something else.
Sorry to disappoint you but i am trying to make similar That is my point. Also making similar is not violating any copyrights. Style can not be copyrighted.

Diablo 2 and Torch Light very similar games yet bot successful. Many of the games are very similar. Anyway my aim is surpassing original Pokemon games. Just wait and see.

And announcement

Alright people special weekend bonus event started. 150% EXP & Gold from wild monster battles are on.

Also there are 19 new redrawn monsters. They are very high quality. You can see all of the monster images from here :
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Basically if you are able to draw and want to get your place, just send me a PM. I have skype, live msn, yahoo msn.
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