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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Well, I think I should read the guide (which I have, but I still don't really understand)...but still, there are some differences from HGSS RNG abuse and DPPt RNG the absence of the Journal, the absence of the Poketch...and I'd rather read small things rather than a big ton of stuff that I don't even understand.

Sorry if this would just bring more problems...but that's me.
Based on what you post so far, I think that the small things that you try to read are the things that you understand the most so I think you need to focus on the big stuffs that you do not understand. Trying to study the differences will be pointless if you do not understand similar comcept of RNG in HGSS and D/P/Pl. Not trying to be mean, just want to give you advice.