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Originally Posted by Xulek View Post

Guess we're gonna have to agree to disagree there then, oh well. I was originally going to say the Regi trio in general being the worst out of all 3 categories there but I remembered that I actually enjoyed the braille puzzles and the actual battles themselves back then in all honesty lol. That and my Regice back on Ruby was a utter beast in the Battle Tower haha.
I dont dislike the regi trio, and I liked the braille and stuff, but I think the lake trio is still better due to the fact that they actually pertain to the storyline and arent just something on the side you can do.

My favorite moveset for Latias is Recover, Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse and Psychic.
My favorite moveset for Cobalion is Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, X Scissor, and Stone edge.
I dont do competitive battling, so this is just for in game
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