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    I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but oh well.

    The title says it all. You make your own Pokémon Leaugue. Use only exisiting Pokés that aren't Legendary.

    Elite Four:

    #1-Zane (Electric)
    Magnezone lvl 55
    Lanturn lvl 54
    Galvantula lvl 55
    Stunfisk lvl 54
    Ampharos lvl 55
    Emolga lvl 56

    #2-Maura (Rock)
    Rhyperior lvl 57
    Magcargo lvl 57
    Relicanth lvl 60
    Gigaltih lvl 58
    Probopass lvl 58
    Tyranitar lvl 59

    #3-Zephyr (Flying)
    Yanmega lvl 62
    Gliscor lvl 62
    Drifblim lvl 61
    Skarmory lvl 61
    Mandibuzz lvl 60
    Braviary lvl 60

    #4-Grace (Grass)
    Carnivine lvl 62
    Cradily lvl 65
    Exeggutor lvl 64
    Ludicolo lvl 63
    Ferrothorn lvl 63
    Cacturne lvl 62

    Champions Emma and Kasey (Ghost and Dark) (They are like preschoolers, But have their own tricked out sprites)(Double battle)
    Spiritomb lvl 68
    Houndoom lvl 68
    Weavile lvl 68
    Hydreigon lvl 68
    Golurk lvl 68
    Jellicent(F) lvl 68

    The first Pokémon sent out will change every time you battle each member of the League them, so you don't what is coming. And the same thing for all of their other Pokémon. As for our twin champions, Emma and Kasey, who are both only four years old, they both share their Pokémon, so there will almost always be 2 Pokémon on the field.