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Hey, lovelies. I'd like to join. :)

Stellar job to everyone trying to perform a feat beyond the casual gaming experience, stellar job to everyone successfully getting their desired target, and stellar job to everyone helping each other out.

In response to earth boy the other day!
Originally Posted by earth boy View Post
I've been Googling and I think I've gone through at least three different guides by now, trying to find out how RNGing actually works. All the guides I've read only seem to talk about what the individual needs to do to get their proper Pokémon; they never seem to explain how they game processes the information we feed it to give us the results we're looking for.

I think that if we did more to elaborate this, more people would be able to grasp the entire picture, maybe even without other forms of communication outside of text. Without this information, they'll just dive in, mess things up, and start bombarding others with noob questions about why they didn't get their flawless shiny legendary. (And we all know we've been guilty of similar issues.) By giving examples of mistakes and how the game responds in patterns during such mistakes, we could also help explain to people how the game spat out the results it did--ultimately narrowing down the possible things the person messed up on.

This way they don't have to restart, praying they get every single little detail on the bulls-eye, without even really knowing what went wrong. They'll be able to pinpoint the human error and eliminate it within the first few tries, knowing full well that none of the other elements were the issue. All this is really offering is just the proper means of practice; if the individual was without a clue as to what went wrong, if they're smart they'll end up looking for the thing that caused their problem: they'll try to control all but one function and fluctuate that one while the others remain fixed. If that wasn't it, they'll do so with another function, ultimately leading to a ridiculously grueling process of trial and error.

If you get what I'm saying, does anyone else agree with this? Or have I simply been looking in the wrong places, where the game's processing hasn't been addressed?
Originally Posted by earth boy View Post
When I posted, I didn't mean specifically all the algorithms and numbers associated with how the game works, just specific patterns that the game goes through that give just the right amount of evidence we need to say, "Oh, you forgot to do [x]" or "this was off by [x] amount," etc.

I completely agree that going through the game coding would be ridiculously tiresome and very few people would have the patience to read such a document to begin with. But if we can categorize specific mistakes, noobs like myself will have the evidence in front of them they need, informing them what specifically went wrong--even if they're still overwhelmed.

I kinda get what you're saying. People have different learning styles, true! There are whole-part learners (big picture then details) and part-whole learners (details then big picture).

However, I don't think any guides are taking interest in illustrating the big picture first because... All a beginner has to do is perform the steps. Only certain actions (e.g. journal flipping, app tapping, withdrawing, chatot listening) will accurately and consistently advance the IV RNG or the PID RNG. Only certain actions optimize the program. If the beginner isn't going step by step or is sidetracking from the guide, then he/she will encounter many problems. RNG abuse is pretty simple that if a beginner is describing everything, someone (experienced) can pinpoint what error the beginner is committing. Are you proposing an already-made FAQ saying "if you're doing this and you're getting this, you're error is ___" ? Maybe that can be in the works...

One could explain what's going on in the game. One could clarify every term or every concept. (The guides are overwhelming enough with the steps...) Even so, I often find that firsthand experience (mistakes included) are better ways for someone to learn something. I know that those who dived into RNG abused forgot really simple things (such as the MAC Address). It was already established in (at least my) guides that you gotta keep track of the unique MAC address. Oh boy, after an hour of failing at finding the parameters only to discover he's using the MAC address of the other DS, he sure didn't forget such a little detail ever again.

We just stress that beginners read everything and let the process sink in first. Try it out first. Yes, if it's taking forever with no results, they can gladly ask anyone for help.

Also, I don't use the term noob. You're all kittens! Soft... warm... cute... cuddly... You will grow up to be even more beautiful some day.

Hope this helped anyone in some way.