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    Tsuki no megami

    Tsuki stared up at Hoenn's sky, randomly making aura surround her hands. "Boring.....yes." She got up, then noticed a cloaked man watching her. He took out a camera and snapped it. Tsuki crossed her arms and watched him fool around with some gadget. "Hey, something with me?" Soon, the man stopped fooling around, put on wierd colored sunglasses, and yelled "YOU THERE! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A BATTLE! One pokemon! DO YOU ACCEPT!?"

    Tsuki smirked. "Sure, dude. Come on out, Ora!" A Lucario almost flew out of the pokeball she threw. "Go, Gallade!" Tsuki smirked. "Ora, Aura Sphere!" It was a direct hit! "Gallade, Psybeam!" Ora slid back, then blanced. Tsuki gritted her teeth before yelling "Alright Ora, Bone Club!" Ora slammed the bone right on the pokemon, and the Gallade fainted.

    The man smiled, then gave Tsuki a small paper before walking off. She took a look at it and read:

    -Earth and Sky!-

    Are you tired of gyms? Want a challenge that will really put your metal to the test? Do you truly want to stand out above all the trainers on the solid earth you stand on? Take part in the Earth and Sky League: BATTLE ROYALE!

    If you’re reading this, then you have completed the first step in participating in our yearly tournament that ends in every winter. The objective is simple, Along with this brochure, you will have a map of approved battle areas for the components to your badge which you will need to qualify for the finals! You should also have a badge case containing your first badge component! Gamble it in a fight during your battles and win enough components to complete your badge! Only then will it reveal to you where to go to fight the devastating elite!

    Grand Prize:

    1 wish

    2nd Prize:

    $200,000,000 Cash

    Runner Up:

    A complete badge for next year’s contest!
    Tsuki smiled. Making sure nobody was looking. the girl threw another pokeball and yelled "Come out, Suta!" A beautiful Cressalia emerged, and flew over to it's trainer. Tsuki showed the brochure and map before saying "Set off for Lethia, Suta!" Cressalia nodded, Tsuki got on, and after recalling Ora, they set off towards Lethia for the challange.
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