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Originally Posted by GoGoShinyDunsparce View Post
I'm having trouble finding this information anywhere: what is the maximum selectable area for the World Map in FireRed? I know the map itself can be up to 208x144 pixels, but what area of that can actually be accessed with the cursor during the game?

The total area that your cursor can access in the Town Map is 22 x 14 8x8 tiles. Basically this area is 176 x 112 pixels in size.

Originally Posted by Rumille View Post
Thank you!
Next question: All of a sudden I can't get my outside-map tiles to be black. It works perfectly on all my other maps, but this one doesn't seem to get it.

The blue thing should be black. How do I solve thís?
That's because you're using the wrong type of block when making that tile. In FR's tileset 0 the top left tile looks to be entirely black, when in fact it is not. This is because the black that makes up the tile is being used as Palette 0's transparent colour. As such, when you apply nothing but that transparent 8x8 block when making the tile you are seeing 'beyond the tile'. If you wish to have a completely black tile that shows up in tileset 0, you are going to have to change one of the palettes associate with the tileset so that it has a (non-transparent) colour that is perfectly black.

You can see why the tile actually comes out as being black when playing in interior maps because tileset 12's palette 5 has a colour that is both black and not transparent which is used to make up the tile.