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Originally Posted by Zeikaro View Post
to say this apparently promising hack like me you've stuck to one style to choose tiles xD, I hope soon more updates luck and success
Thanks! Many of the tiles I've used are zein's, and some from other people, so a lot of them are the same style.
Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
Roblodo looks like a baws and the tiles look great, if a little bright.
There's not much to go on right now script and story-wise, but both look decent and I trust you're good enough to make something epic :D

I have to say though, I'm not a fan of two options -- well, not a fan of the two options you give the player. You've given the option become a Pokémon Master or help Team Rocket as if one cant be done without the other. And if you help them, who are the antagonists? Just something for you to think about. This has potential, good luck!
Thanks. You're given the choice to either help team rocket or the regis, each storyline will have the same ending, and after both you'll be a Pokémon Master. If you join team rocket, the antagonists are the police, your friends, and a few other people that I don't want to spoil. ;)


I've edited the first post to include an awards sections, as I've won 3rd place in PHO's POTS (Pick of the Season). :D And I've edited the story into something a bit better, which you can read in the first post. Tell me what you think! I've also got one screenie today:

This is a preview of the newly re-mapped Azure Path, which is this hack's route one. :) Comment and tell me what you think! :D
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