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    After James and Aaron left the cave, they started looking for merchants. They must have been wandering for hours before they finally came upon some.

    It was in a clearing inside the forest. It looked very pleasant. They team started to check out what the merchants had to sell. James went to check out the TMs, while Aaron checked out the Job Booth. Aaron saw a list:
    • Starter Pokemon: A professor in New Bark town is looking for 3 wild pokemon to give to new trainers preparing for their journey. He requires a Fire, Water and Grass type Pokemon. [Reward: 10000 x each one caught]
    • I need materials: I require materials that Pokemon produce in order to create various survival items. I need some silk webbing from a Spinarak, discarded baby pokemon egg shells and any empty Metapod cocoons, nothing alive in them. [Reward:2 badge components]
    • Bounty: To any trainers, if you come across any other groups belonging to team rocket and defeat them, return with their hats or an article of clothing. The security will pay for each item turned in from money to badge pieces. [Reward: 100 - 1 badge piece]
    • Giving Up:I have a fully assembled badge but I am planning to quit the tournament. I have recently had the chance to try a one on one battle with the sea captain at the hotel and was completely destroyed. I have also had a chance to fight some of the trainers on the island, but even then they don't compare to the old man. Before I leave, I am looking for a red tattered photo album I lost in the mountains, I need someone to find it. [Reward: 15 badge componentsCOMPLETE BADGE]
    • Photography: We are looking for a trainer in green, riding a Meganium. Do not approach him, we simply need pictures of any pokemon he has in his possession.[Reward:67000, 3 badge components]
    • PROTECT ME!: I'm currently located near the hotel and am looking for an escort to the mountain. I think I'm being followed and want some protection.[Reward: 1 badge component]
    • Mountain Herbs: I need some herbs in the mountain region to create some home brewed potions. Will be willing to pay for each herb brought to me.[Reward:500 x per herb]
    Aaron saw a job he wanted on there, but he had to ask his partner which one he wanted to tackle.

    Aaron saw another piece of paper. It read:

    Earth and Sky Conference:
    With a yearly contest, I forgot to mention WHEN the final rounds of the tournament should take place. If they were to take place in the fall and were starting off in the spring, it may take too long to finish the first tournament before moving onto the second. So as of now, I am introducing the Earth and Sky Conferences, which are technically the finals, however they are split into 3 separate tournaments. The Spring Conference, Summer Conference and Fall Conference.

    Pros and Cons
    Spring C.:
    If you think your powerful enough when you first started off in the tournament, your free to sign up for this tournament where you will be fighting in a tournament towards the top and face the devastating elite. It is highly unwise to join this one since you may only be able to engineer 1 or 3 badges. [1 or 3 do-overs] Some of the more dimwitted or unwise trainers join this conference only to greet the exit soon after.
    This tournament takes place at the end of spring.

    There is no pro or con during this one. You have a decent amount of time to assemble a decent number of badges and your pokemon will be in acceptable fighting condition to face the tournament and the elite.
    This tournament takes place at the end of summer.

    Only two pro's to this conference, your Pokemon will be very strong when you leave for this tournament and you'll have plenty of badges to re-enter the same contest, you may even stand a better chance to defeat the elite. The only downside is surviving in Lethia. I have already mentioned the dangers before, and I can assure that conditions will get worse as winter rolls in.
    This tournament takes place at the end of fall.
    Aaron had to talk about this with his partner, but he thought about taking the Summer Conference. He might be a little busy during the fall.
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