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    Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
    OK, so I'm in the process of making a Medieval RP with a Co-GM. We were wondering ahead of time if we should make this a all human RP, or add in mythical races as well for people to use? Either way, we're sure there will still be magic, and all the other good stuff, but we're not sure if people would prefer an all-human medieval RP, or one with mythical races as well. We can also have it a bit of both, where mythical races are in it, but non-usable by the RPers, or we can have it that there are non at all.

    Which would you prefer? Feedback and interest would be appreciated. This isn't something that would come out too soon, however, but rather closer to the summer.
    lol but I'm like already making one :(

    I have already said this before, an all human medieval RP would be good. Elves and dwarves are overused and cliched now, imo.