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    Jack Davis

    Jack looked through the various jobs listed. He didn't think that he would like to take on that Meganium one though. If the trainer they were looking for was indeed dangerous Jack would just be dragging Shadoan into a dangerous fight. Plus Jack didn't feel like dying any time soon. As he continued to browse he heard a voice behind him, "See one that's worth getting?"

    Jack jumped slightly at Shadoan's voice while Foxtrot quietly chuckled at Jack's reaction. "Maybe. I don't really want to do a fetch quest. I hate those. The Giving Up job seems too fishy to me. Who would give up an entire badge that you worked hard for only to give it up for a picture album? Just saying. The one that really sticks out to me is the starter pokemon one. It's just going around the island picking up pokemon we come across. Even better it's for a good cause. What could go wrong?"

    Jack smirked, "Yeah. Sir, I'll like to take on that starter pokemon job."

    He turned back to Shadoan, "It might take a while but still, it can be done while we're traveling around the various zones. Foxtrot can be our look out and pretty soon we'll have a good 30,000 to spend!"
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