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黒心 キバ


"Why am I leaving for this place? Hmm... I honestly don't know..." Kiba spoke softly, while busily packing his things into his bag. Basic Supplies, food, drink, and the necessities. He put on his bag, and held the strange black and white egg in his arms. "Are you sure you don't want to tell me what's in this egg?"

"No," an oddly echoing voice replied, "The surprise when you finally know is more satisfying to me."

"Even though you won't see me when it hatches?"

"Kiba-san, don't you know by now?" the voice asked in a friendly tone, followed by a more serious one. "I will always see you."

With that, Kiba left, riding a shiny and majestic purple Lapras, across the ocean. An Arcanine sits beside Kiba, the egg in his lap. They set sail; their destination?


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