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    Originally Posted by MonsterMMORPG View Post
    nope they are not

    i suggest you to read this very well prepared with a lot of investigation article
    .You CANT COPYRIGHT A DESIGN. It is an Idea, and according to the law you CANT copyright a design because of that. Idea's cant be copyrighted... Frustrating hu?
    Um, This is wrong. Artists all over the world copyright their designs and artwork. You cant copyright a certain aspect of a design, such as a white wolf or an orange fox because they are ideas but you can copyright the artwork you make of that idea. Everyone will have a different design for a different Idea but regardless of the concept the artwork is what is copyrighted. So yes Nintendos tile designs are copyrighted because its their design, can they stop someone from using a similar tile design from the same concept(idea), no they cannot but you clearly are using tile designs created and owned by Nintendo. A simple variation or a color change is not creating a new design its modifying theirs and in court that would be easy to prove.

    For another example of copyrighting designs think of this, a website has a cool new layout/design you want a website with the same design. You CANNOT just take the artwork they have on their website, recolor it re arrange the layout and not expect to get sued. You can however create completely different artwork and arrange it in the same layout as the other site and not have to worry about a lawsuit. It's because artwork CAN be copyrighted but concepts CANNOT.

    Yet one more final example, A artist paints his painting with a unique brush stroke another artist sees this and decides he will paint his art the same way. The second artist can do this because he's not copying the artwork/design of the painting, he's copying a technique. Will the artist have similar style yes but they will always produce two different works of art.

    So yeah you can use the style of the Pokemon tiles but your not allowed to use the tiles. What i mean is you can design tiles with the shading technique, color variations, shape and size but not the same design.

    But ultimately its your game your choice I just wanted to give you a heads up..
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