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3D Arkham Asylum Batman Model

Disclaimer: This model is a free model not to be sold by anyone without the consent of its original creator. This model was rigged and animated by me. That is all. I do not claim to have made this model or claim to be the owner of it. This is a free resource to use as you wish at your own risk.

This is my first ever rig and animation I've ever done. Its not the best work infact its far from it.
I will continue to work on this in my free time because its something I need to learn. Please give me feedback on my progress and let me know what you think i cant improve this took me about 5 hours.

Model: Batman
Format: FBX
Verts: 9867
Faces: 18966
File Size: 14mb
Rigged: Yes
Textured: Yes
Animation(s): Idle

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