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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    Of course it's possible I was wrong. The only reason I assumed cmda06 wasn't necessary was because the tutorial for unlocking it in Firered made no mention of it. My assumption of the background bytes not working was because of the same tutorial, which only has a spot for inputting the ashy grass, the grass with ashy background, and the normal grass, and nothing else, but that may be because of the script.

    I assume (not like my assumptions seem to ever hold true) that there's a sort of table in the rom, which cmda06 calls. assuming that you could find this, you could write another ASM script which would handle the background tree tiles, and put it in the table in question. The simplest way, in my opinion, would be to add setmaptile scripts to each place underneath the tree, and play the animation involved with the puff of ash. All of these things I believe you can access in a script. setanimation and doanimation can play the puff of dust. (0x7 is the ashgrass dust cloud, but the list I have also says it does a setmaptile part, so 0xA should also work [0xA is the dust cloud when the player jumps off a ledge])

    And you explained it perfectly clear, i was just being stupid, so no hard feelings?
    So, um, I feel like a real noob for asking this, but how exactly would i find the table that controls the ashy grass and go about changing it so the right half of the tree top would work (basically, just adding one more linked block, similar to the normal ashy grass with nothing in front of it. that always changes to a specific block, and every other block changes to a specific other block.) I havent done any work with ASM before, and advanced scripting still eludes me (I am working on it though.) My areas of expertise, though are definitely in the graphical areas of hacking. If anyone more experienced than I would be so kind as to help out a fledgling hacker, I'd be truly grateful.
    And I've tried looking at tutorials, but it just seems to fly right above my head. I tend to learn a lot better with combined examples and hands-on, which makes tutorials sometimes not the best method, oddly)