Thread: FireRed hack: Cubone and the Power Crystal
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Originally Posted by NurseBarbra View Post
I am amazed and intrested now. You've taking the thought of a hack and moulded it into something, well, Fun. Looking forward to it Icy.
(As for dungeon names, considering it's a dungeon that's based on rocks and ancient contraptions, how about Gearox dungeon [Gear+Rocks] ?)
Thanks! Means a lot dude ;D

Gearok Dungeon sounds nice. Hm.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Cool updates!
Regirock seems pretty tough for a first boss :D
At least Cubone probably will own it.
Can we recruit it? :D
Thanks! And don't worry, he's pretty weak (at this stage at least; you'll fight him more then once).

Unfortunately no, Regirock can't be recruited >:

Incidentally, the screenshot of Regirock from yesterday was really rushed, so here's a better one:

Also, here's a preview of the second chapter. Oh, and I've replaced the player OW with the Rocket grunt OW for now, though I'll probably remove the cap in the future.

Credits to Neti, Thrace, Fangking Omega, and myself for the tiles.

Oh, and look what I won :3

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