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    Actually, I know that it's for any Wild Pokemon encounter. And I pretty much know that I don't have to advance frames using this method...I know you'd ask..."Why would you put it in here when you know you don't want to use this way to advance frames?" I kinda just put it up instantly, I guess. Well, so to RNG the Pokemon I'd like...I would hit a certain time and delay, do some Prof. Elm calls to check whether I got the time and delay (but mostly delay) correct and if I didn't get it right, I'd start again. Advance frames after finding out that it's correct (would you have to subtract the number of frames you'd have to go through with the number of Prof. Elm calls that I did? Because 1 Prof. Elm call advances the frame by 1. And also...I would also have to subtract the frame's number by 1, right?), walk around until you encounter a Pokemon (assuming that I won't use Sweet Scent, otherwise I'd have to go through a calculation that is time-consuming and confusing), catch the Pokemon (unless if the Pokemon you encountered isn't the species you'd like), check whether the IVs are correct and you're done (unless if the IVs are incorrect)..right?