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What is your favourite series made by Square-Enix?
Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve

Who is your favourite FF character?
Sabin FFVI, Locke FFVI, Auron FFX, Cecil FFIV, Kain FFIV, Sazh FFXIII, Snow FFXIII, Jecht FFX, Yuna FFX/X-2, Tellah FFIV

What Ultimate Weapon would you wield?
Ultima Weapon FFVI

What FF world was your favourite to play?
good question... I would have to choose between the Diverse landscapes in both FFXIII and FFX....

What is your favourite Final Fantasy game and why?
... just one? sorry but It is split between FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFX, FFX-2, FFXIII, FFCC... The storylines are rich, and the characters get deep developing story archs

If you could play as any Final Fantasy villain (or, in some cases, allies), who would it be?
... Kefka... just Kefka...