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Newlestter & Update February 11th, 2012
Table of contents
  1. Editor's Notes
    This month in development...
  2. Storyline
    Updated and improved!
  3. Screenshots
    Scenes from all over
  4. Final Notes
This month in development...
Editor's Notes
A month since my last update, I hope you guys didn't miss me too much! Well, I'm sure some of you realised you just entered a thread named "Pokémon: Phoenix Rising", and if you didn't notice from the header, you need to stop rushing to my screenshots! Anyway, big news this month. The first and foremost thing to mention is the fact that I've changed the name from Pokémon: Forever Lost to Pokémon: Phoenix Rising. The reason is that the name was a little unoriginal and no longer related to the game I am creating any more. With that said, I changed a lot of the mechanics of the game. Updated it rather, changed is too strong a word. The storyline has been updated massively and I encourage you all to read it! The gym leader factor has been edited. You now face the 8 Guardians and the 5 Oracles. The 8 Guardians still have the same set up as the gym leaders, but there are no gyms and you face them in secret locations. Pfft, you can just read about them below! Anyway, after that I have hugely updated the game on the scripting front. No more tiny screen. You'll now be rockin' PR on a 320x240px screen. I admit, not a huge difference, but it makes a big one when you play it!

I have gone ahead and improved the battle system, it has a method of play not yet seen in any Pokémon game. You'll get to see that below. I'm also going to introduce something really fun called the PokéStrap. And of course, the all important screenshots can be found throughout the update!

First however, I wish to present our title theme, created by my newest composer Dasgust. Follow the YouTube video below to his other works.

Storyline - Updated
After the War in Hawthorne, the land was left with the despairing aftermath any war would sanction. The people of the region were left elated knowing they were rid of a ruler who was riddled with greed and inconsiderate motives. But the relieved people and their Pokémon began to see how the land suffered from lack of prosperity, their crops were struggling to grow, and hope of a renewed Hawthorne began to trickle away like a tear falling from an eye.

Just as the area had began to fall completely, there came a sighting of the legendary Pokémon known as Ho-oh. In history, it was said that its feathers were thought to bring joy. All who were to see this Pokémon were to be eternally happy. Ho-oh travelled across the land, gracing it with its powers, and hope and happiness quickly began to grow in Hawthorne once more. From this moment on, the people of Hawthorne began to worship Ho-oh, not as a God, but as a bringer of good fortune and joy.

However, it was written that once Ho-oh had travelled throughout the land that it took its peace in the region where the King had once lived. This region was once a beautiful, serene paradise, which was abashed by the onslaught of war. Ho-oh spread its wings, and its entire body began to disperse into flakes of ash. As a phoenix, Ho-oh is believed to live for hundreds of years, and once that time has been spent it ignites fiercely and is reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix rises, reborn anew to live again. Ho-oh did not appear from the ashes this time.

A myth known as "The Phoenix Rising" tells of Ho-oh, and a vague history of its rebirth. It is said that Ho-oh is to present itself to a remarkable trainer or to bear testimony to the greatness of a ruler, but only if they possess a certain item. The great stones of old, nine believed to be stones of evolutionary power; Fire, Water, Grass, Thunder, Sun, Bright, Dusk, Dawn and Moon. One, known to be much more rare. With a single purpose; to raise a Pokemon from the very ashes it crumbled into, known as the Stone of Rebirth. These stones are to be of unlimited value in Hawthorne, but are seldom held by ordinary people.

A menacing group of individuals known as "Team Chance" have been spotted in Hawthorne, asking questions about Ho-oh, and have been seeking more knowledge of The Phoenix Rising. Team Chance is led by "King", claiming to be a descendant of the old King of Hawthorne who led the people of the region to rebel and knock him from his throne. Now, the supposed heir of the monarch takes pride in being known simply as "King", and wishes to take the empty throne once more. He believes that with the Stone of Rebirth he will cause Ho-oh to bear testimony to him, and see his greatness and show the region that he is the great ruler that they deserve.

However, every journey needs a path; the path our hero is going to take is that of unknown adventure. To travel the region of Hawthorne, one must grow more and more powerful. What stands before a trainer is 8 Guardians, and 5 Oracles. To ensure that they would gain the title of the most powerful trainer in Hawthorne, one must defeat each of them. But perhaps our hero will find more than a desire to travel anywhere in Hawthorne with this title, will they find another motive to take on this challenge? A visit to the Professor of Pokémon Philosophy, located in Nocturne Town, our hero will receive their first Pokémon. A gift from Professor Signomi. With the hero's father away at work, and Nocturne Town becoming but a speck in the eye of our aspiring adventurer, where will their Pokémon take them?

8 Guardians & The Council of the Five Oracles

The 8 Guardians are strong trainers who overlook the on-goings of the Hawthorne region. They each hold a badge representing the type of Pokémon they hold. This was a system set up by the Oracles in hope that they will find the remarkable trainer. To obtain the chance to face the Oracles, the trainer must present these 8 badges to display the evidence of their courage.

The Council of the Five Oracles is a division of the most powerful trainers in the whole region of Hawthorne. Should any trainer wish to test themselves and defeat the five, they would be known as the most powerful trainer in the region. However, since the council has been set up hundreds of years ago, no-one has ever defeated them. The oracles come from five different families, and have done so since its beginning. Led by the High Oracle Anastasia, they are the source of wise council in Hawthorne. The council are also said to hold the most knowledgeable source of information on the location of The Stone of Rebirth, and it was their ancestors who wrote the myth of The Phoenix Rising.

Click for higher res

This is the PokéStrap in use within the game. The animated screenshot isn't perfect so excuse me on that one. However this is the basic idea for now. On the right column you will see the concept for the PokéStrap, I plan on making the game resemble that a bit more. The PokéStrap will always be at the bottom of your screen, except for when in menu's and so on. It does not act as your main screen but as a source of information. To activate it you must press tab, and you may scroll through your Pokémon and check their health and level. You may also still go to your Pokémon summary screen from your menu or by pressing enter when you are going through your Pokémon with the left and right arrows. Don't worry, this is not a touch/mouse based system. As a side note, the first still screen is from revamped Route 2, and the other is from Nocturne Town. The bottom screen is from Route 1, which displays the menu.

This is the updated battle system. As you can see, I have erased the "Pokemon" option, in favour of being able to simply once again press tab and scroll through your Pokemon. This makes the battle system a lot more streamlined and easy to use. No more flicking through menus to see what your other Pokemon's health is. At all times you can see your party, their health as well as being able to choose their summary and send them into battle. The screens above show how that system works, simply with the arrow keys and enter to scroll through and select.

Also a teaser screen of the battle system intro. I wanted to display the trainer sprite mainly. My newest co-team leader and pixel artist Litera-sure is remaking all the trainer classes we will use in the game with brand new sprites and overworlds. This is ambitious but surely will be worth it, I have full faith in their ability and they're already doing an amazing job. Also, beware that the colours in the animation are messed up since .gif limit you to a certain amount.

Last ones for this update, the load screen and the save screen. Does what it says on the tin.

And so ends this update!
First and foremost, I have removed the first post, I will be updating it soon. So yes, things have been hectic recently trying to get this all together. I have an interview on Tuesday to a Game Development course, so I'll be presenting Phoenix Rising.

I also gained a few more team members this month including OmeGaGa from deviantART
as an artist. >Dante< the creator of the hack Pokemon: Crono has also just joined to help out with some mapping. So I'm happy to have them on the team. A lot more was done this month, but I don't want to spoil you with everything. I hope you guys enjoy these new updates.

2012 © The Phoenix Rising Team
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