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    "My father gave me mine when I was a lot younger, Avaith was a cyndaquil then." He pets Avaiths head, giving him another berry. "Since then, we just trained. We slept, ate, fought, and played together. We just simply grown up with one another and have a better understanding." He glances over at Light and chuckles.

    "Light was an injured Eevee, so I nursed him back to health and I just simply gave him that nickname since then. Stella on the other hand was just a stalker." He takes a deep breathe and sighs as he eats another berry. "She had been following us ever since Light made a recovery. Even after he evolved, I hoped she wouldn't recognize him. She still did and I had to put up with it until I had no choice but to catch her. Since then, if were out sleeping like this, she always clings herself to Light."

    Jev was still licking the sap on the tree the boys were resting under. "Jev was the first pokemon I captured by means of battle. Like you and alpha, I had difficulties training him. He's hard-headed and always eager to get into a fight, I'm lucky enough he decides to follow my orders." Jev stops licking and glances down at the two boys, watching. "Go back to your dinner Jev, don't even think about fighting them." Jev just looks at Shadoan unnervingly and returns to eating the tree sap. "Ulla is a recent capture so I haven't had time to get to know her yet. Shes just a scout for me when I need her to be and doubles as my water Pokemon."

    Shadoan then glances over at Jacks team. As well organized as they were, he glances back to jack. "All psychic types? Is there anything different in characteristics between them?"
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