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    Originally Posted by Shadow97 View Post
    can you give me an advice of where to train my pokemons fast before challenging clay
    my team is
    shelgon lv 37
    gigalith lv 43
    feraligator lv 41
    bisharp lv 41
    zweilous lv 38
    volcarona lv 38
    Well, I guess I can suggest training a bit up on Route 6 before actually entering the gym. Also, re-visiting the dome area in Nimbasa City are always ideal. I did redo the rematches and stuff in there.

    Cuz as for now...The level you're on...if you go inside Clay gym...Most likely you're gonna lose, not to his Gym trainers, but to him...Maybe.
    I'm just saying, you have a few Pokemon in your party is weak against Ground Type.

    You're playin Yang White, right? Then that means his strongest pokemon is a level 49 Swampert...So be careful when fighting it, cuz Zweilous, Shelgon...Are probably too weak to cause significant damage...And Feraligator can only do so much.

    My advice, try challenging him once your strongest Pokemon hit level 45 or such; that's what level I was on when I first challenged him through testing...Cuz, beside than training in the grass, once you've fought all da trainers...there's not much left to do.

    Good luck.

    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    These all look great I must say, I really like the looks of these projects! ~ Is there a guide to the Gym Leaders for Yin Black & Yang White? like the levels, teams etc.
    Whoops, I'm sorry Sui...I was writing shadow's reply...I didn't notice your till I got done.

    Thanks for the kind word, man.

    And yeah, there's a doc (plural) included in the download...But between me and you, I could do better...Especially with Ghetsis and Alder...I kinda hate the Pokemon I gave them. Hopefully, I can think of better ones, once I've update this again. LOL

    Oh, oh...The only thing that's not mention in the docs are the Pokemon stat changes and Pokemon moveset changes...That'll be covered in the next update...
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