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    The old sea captain chuckles and sighs as he takes a photograph of Kiba. "You are granted passage, however I suggest leaving before the winter. The pokemon on the island can become very hostile and will make survival unbearable, even now with the league in motion be on your toes... That is my only fair warning to you... Follow the glowing buoys to port for safe passage." The captains black gyrados roared as it brought him back to his boat where he then continued his patrol as green glowing buoys surfaced.

    "There is an underground volcano here on Lethia." Shadoan replies, taking out the map. "They gave me a second map reading 'subterranean' and looking it over, there are tunnels that span miles and miles. There are caves in the mountains that lead to these underground channels. There are bound to be plenty of fire types down there, and psychic types near the craters with the meteorites. There is something about the whole region that bothers me..." He looks around the forest and up into the mountains. "The region isn't secured to the earth, its just a massive floating island. I can't even tell if the island itself is even moving since everything just seems so still... I mean, this whole island, this region isn't marked on any charts and I think the reason why is that it moves... I mean, I can't prove it, but looking at the sub-map itself, it just seems....fishy."

    He presents Jack the sub-map to look over.
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