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    Sign-up (long):
    Name: Kyleia Isin

    Age: Around 15

    Sex: Female

    Appearance: Kyleia never cared much about how she looked. She usually wears a jacket around her waist and ties the sleeves together on the side of her waist. She always wears a white t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes, she wears a scarf and when it gets sunny, she wears a pair of sunglasses. For some odd reason, she always has a long piece of string wrapped around her left hand and arm. She has a shock of bright white hair tied back in a ponytail and her eyes are a earthy brown color. One eye has a slight sliver of black in it.

    Pokemon Team:
    Luna the Kirlia
    Shadow Ball

    Luna has been Kyleia's faithful companion since Kyleia was nine. As a Ralts, Luna had always been watching Kyleia when she danced. One day, Luna evolved into Kirlia and now, they both dance together from time to time. Luna has been one of Kyleia's main battlers since she evolved.

    Jace the Lombre
    Male/Swift Swim
    Leech Seed
    Nature Power
    Zen Headbutt
    Hydro Pump

    Jace was just a Lotad when he bumped into Luna. He had been running along when Luna jumped in his way when trying to dance. They got in a fight, but it was resolved and they became best friends. He followed her to Kyleia's home and after a couple weeks of this, Kyleia finally decided to capture him.

    Snail the Slugma
    Male/Flame Body
    Rock Slide
    Earth Power

    Snail was a worker on the family's bakery when Kyleia first saw him. Despite being a worker, he had not been captured yet and was just helping out. When Kyleia saw him, she said, "Snail!" and her parents told her that he was a Slugma, but she kept insisting on him being a snail. So the name stuck. A few years later, she came back and captured him.

    Spike the Cacnea
    Male/Sand Veil
    Needle Arm
    Destiny Bond
    Sucker Punch

    Spike wandered into Kyleia's room when she was twelve. He was seriously injured and was far from the desert. Kyleia quickly healed him and gave him some of her water. After drinking up the three bottles in her room, she took Spike to the kitchen and let him drink from the sink. They quickly bonded and Spike became Kyleia's main battler. Spike is, however, also a troublemaker and leaves spikes everywhere.

    Slyce the Skarmory
    Steel Wing
    Night Slash
    Swords Dance

    Slyce was a present from Kyleia's uncle. Kyleia's uncle couldn't make it to Kyleia's birthday party so he sent Slyce over with a letter that said she could have her. At this point, Kyleia was very good friends with Slyce because she would go to her uncle's house almost every day. Slyce was her uncle's best fighter, but her uncle wouldn't battle anymore so he gave her away.

    Christie the Vibrava
    Signal Beam
    Earth Power

    Christie was Spike's friend. She was searching for him when she came upon Kyleia playing with Spike. Immediately, she attacked and it took Spike and Jace's combined force to calm her down. After Spike explained everything to her, she agreed to let herself get captured by Kyleia. However, she is still wary of Kyleia.

    Bio: Kyleia was raised in Verdanturf Town of the Hoenn region. She has always lived in the Hoenn region and has never been outside of it. Kyleia is usually shy and reserved so she doesn't have that many friends, but she is trying to change and is talking to many more people now. When she was 14, she traveled around the Hoenn region with her parents and met many people and now she knows the region like the back of her hand due to being able to fly on Slyce. Winona had given her father the badge after her father defeated her and he, in turn, gave it to her. She now wants to have an adventure of her own to meet new friends and new Pokemon.

    Kyleia was window-shopping at the Lilycove Department Store with Luna gracefully twirling alongside. She stopped to look at a decoration which was apparently for a secret base. "Maybe I should get this," she thought, but she realized that she would have nowhere to put it. Just as she got up, she noticed a recruiter for Earth and Sky approaching her, seeking trainers to join the underground league. He takes your photo using a cell phone before running it through a pocket PC attached to his hip. He pulls out a set of orange sun glasses and wears them over his eyes as he points at you, shouting “YOU THERE! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A BATTLE! One Pokémon! DO YOU ACCEPT?!”
    "Seriously man! What are you yelling in this mall for? If you want to battle fine, but do it outside," the guy behind the counter responded. The man apologized and walked outside with Kyleia following him. Luna stepped forward to battle once they got to the front of the building.
    The recruiter smirks and sends out a Sneasel. "Let this be a lesson to you, don't send out your Pokemon first," he says, "Sneasel! Use Beat Up!" Before it could hit Luna, Kyleia said, "Luna! Pirouette!" Luna Teleported behind the Sneasel and used a Shadow Ball. Sneasel was hit square in the back. "Don't let up! Hypnosis!" Kyleia shouted. "Sneasel! Dodge it with Quick Attack!" the man commanded. Sneasel zoomed out of the way and charged into Luna. "Luna! Let's go! Psychic!" Kyleia yelled. "What's that going to do? You know your type match-ups right?" the man asked. Just as he said that, a piece of the metal fence hit Sneasel and Sneasel fainted. "Psychic can affect more than just Pokemon you know," Kyleia remarked.
    "Good job!" the man applauded, "Here you are." As he said this, the man slipped a few things into Kyleia's pocket and walked away. Curious, Kyleia checked her pockets to find a map, a brochure, and a badge case unlike any she's seen before.

    -Earth and Sky!-
    Are you tired of gyms? Want a challenge that will really put your metal to the test? Do you truly want to stand out above all the trainers on the solid earth you stand on? Take part in the Earth and Sky League: BATTLE ROYALE!

    If you’re reading this, then you have completed the first step in participating in our yearly tournament that ends in every winter. The objective is simple, Along with this brochure, you will have a map of approved battle areas for the components to your badge which you will need to qualify for the finals! You should also have a badge case containing your first badge component! Gamble it in a fight during your battles and win enough components to complete your badge! Only then will it reveal to you where to go to fight the devastating elite!

    Grand Prize:
    1 wish
    2nd Prize:
    $200,000,000 Cash
    Runner Up:
    A complete badge for next year’s contest!

    "Let's see what this all is. Oh! It's a chance to go on an adventure to some region called Lethia. I hope my parents let me go!" Kyleia muttered. She flew back to Verdanturf as fast as she could and asked her parents if she could go. After much debating, her parents allowed her to go if and only if she would call them everyday. Kyleia agreed and packed her bag. After the rest of the day passed, Kyleia went to sleep, eagerly awaiting the next day when she could leave.

    Challenges in progress:
    Monotype Rock
    Boldore Lv. 33 Dwebble Lv. 32 Tirtouga Lv. 32
    I need to update faster...
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