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Originally Posted by RingoH View Post
I'm getting down to the wire on this one, but clocking in still by the deadline.. *whew*.

First off, as I stated previously my goal for this challenge was a Porygon from the trophy garden. I felt it would be easy for my first wild RNG because of the lack of NPC's to mess up the frames on me. I also wanted this to be in a premier ball... I realized once I was facing it though.... that OOPS, I forgot my false swiper, and I only had one Premier Ball... but I still got it. Boy do I feel accomplished... Thanks for all the help everyone who helped me with this one. I think I still prefer breeding, but it's nice to know I can do the wild encounters now as well.

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Looks good -- congratulations. I had to think a bit about Porygon and Team Rocket, but in the original games it was a gift at the Rocket Game Corner and Bulbapedia notes that this could indicate possible Team Rocket involvement. Accepted

I will be granting a three hour extension on this challenge in hopes that more people will be able to complete it! This challenge is up at 3am UTC-4 on March 12, 2012.