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    黒心 キバ


    "You are granted passage, however I suggest leaving before the winter. The pokemon on the island can become very hostile and will make survival unbearable, even now with the league in motion be on your toes... That is my only fair warning to you... Follow the glowing buoys to port for safe passage."

    Kiba smiled and bowed once more. "Arigato Gozaimasu. Thank you." The man took a picture of him, which made Kiba wonder. He followed the buoys to the shore, petting the Arcanine's fur on his head. He stepped off of the lapras and onto land, followed by Arcanine and Meloetta. He bowed to Lapras, who bowed her head in return. "Dewa mata, Mizuchan," he spoke to Lapras softly, nuzzling his head against hers for a moment, and she let out a cheerful wail.

    He waved her off, and she turned and swam back in the direction they had come from. She sang out in joy as she left, passing by the older man who had met them earlier, and her purple skin glinted and shimmered from the water reflecting the light. Kiba watched her leave, then turned and began to walk off of the shore. Arcanine followed alongside him, and Meloetta twirled and danced as she followed behind. He looked down at the egg, and kept walking, before stopping.

    "Okay guys, let's rest here, have a picnic. Then we'll go looking for some friends, or people." He sat in the grass, the egg in his lap while his legs are crossed. Arcanine lay beside him, and Meloetta danced gracefully in the grass. Kiba dug into the backpack and pulled out a large container of berries. He opened them after placing the tub on the ground. "Mina o taberu." He smiled as Arcanine began to eat, and Kiba decided to eat some as well. Meloetta ate a few berries in between her dances. He admired Melotta, she danced gracefully and she mostly always seemed happy.

    Kiba and his friends ate peacefully. However, Kiba decided to look around. His odd eyes (his left eye an emerald green, his right eye pale ice blue) seemed to glow in a silvery color, scanning the surroundings. Kiba tensed up slightly and spoke to Arcanine and Meloetta. "Watashi wa hokanohito ga chikaku ni kanjite imasu. I sense others nearby."

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